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SPS – Supplementary Policy Statements (Tenure & Promotion)

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“Supplementary Policy Statement” (SPS) means any statement of policy and/or procedures, other than those described in the Tenure & Promotion Policy, that relates to matters of appointment, tenure, permanence, or promotion. Changes to these statements are subject to Section VIII, clause 4 of the Tenure & Promotion Policy. In the event of an inconsistency or conflict between the Tenure & Promotion Policy and any of the supplementary policy statements, the Tenure & Promotion Policy shall take precedence.

SPS A1 Learn More

Recruitment and Selection of Faculty Members

SPS A2 Learn More

Conversion of an Individual Faculty Appointment

SPS A3 Learn More

Other Appointments (except in Health Sciences), Procedures for

SPS A4 Learn More

Other Appointments within the Faculty of Health Sciences, Procedures for

SPS A5 Learn More

Joint Appointments and Associate Memberships, Policy on 

SPS A6 Learn More

Academic Appointment and Assessment of Relatives 

SPS A7 Learn More

Spousal Hiring 

SPS A8 Learn More

Contractually Limited Appointments, Principles Governing 

SPS A9 Learn More

Allocation of Teaching-Stream Positions Across Faculties

SPS A10 Learn More

Termination of Special or CAWAR Appointments when External Salary Support is Discontinued, Procedures for

SPS A11 Learn More

Supervision of Graduate Work by Faculty with Other Appointments, Policy on

SPS A12 Learn More

SPS A12 Fundamental Conditions of Appointment for Clinical Faculty related to CPSO Licensure, Malpractice Insurance and Hospital Privileges (where applicable) and Procedures for Suspension, Termination, or Removal

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SPS B1 Learn More

Assessment of Teaching, Procedures for the

SPS B2 Learn More

Teaching Portfolios 

SPS B3 Learn More

Clinical Activities Portfolio – Clinical Educators, Faculty of Health Sciences 

SPS B4 Learn More

Academic Collaborators in Appointment, Tenure, Permanence and Promotion Proceedings, Statement on 

SPS B5 Learn More

Selection of and Communication with External and Internal Referees (except those for Clinician Educators), Procedures for 

SPS B6 Learn More

Selection and Communication with External and Internal Referees for Clinician Educators, Procedures for 

SPS B7 Learn More

Referees – Tenure-Stream Faculty, Policy for 

SPS B8 Learn More

Referees – Teaching Stream Faculty, Policy for 

SPS B9 Learn More

Referees – Clinician Educator Faculty, Policy for 

SPS B10 Learn More

Material Required by Senate Committee on Appointments on Recommendations for Re-appointment, Tenure, Permanence and/or Promotion 

SPS B11 Learn More

Curriculum Vitae Requirements

SPS B12 Learn More

Preparation of Dossiers for Tenure/Permanence/CAWAR and/or Promotion 

SPS B13 Learn More

Extension of Timeline for Academic Assessments in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

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SPS C1 Learn More

Research Leave Policy – Tenured and CAWAR Faculty 

SPS C2 Learn More

Research Leave Policy – Permanent Faculty 

SPS C3 Learn More

Unpaid Leaves of Absence 

SPS C4 Learn More

Pregnancy and Parental Leave Policy for Faculty and MUFA Librarians

SPS C5 Learn More

Faculty Reduced Workload Policy 

SPS C6 Learn More

Faculty Reduced Workload Policy – Phase-in to Retirement 

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SPS D1 Learn More

Faculty Appeals Tribunals, Procedures for 

SPS D2 Learn More

Faculty Association Observers at Appeal Tribunal Hearings 

SPS D3 Learn More

Faculty Association Observers at Removal Proceedings

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Academic Freedom, Statement on