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Appeals – Form B (Formal Inquiry)

Certain appeals are directed to a hearing at the outset:

  • Academic Integrity Policy decision of a Faculty Adjudicator
  • Form B Formal Inquiry decisions
  • Code of Student Rights & Responsibilities – certain decisions of the Dean of Students

For these types of appeals, please visit the Form C: Appeal to the Senate Board for Student Appeals page.


There are two types of Formal Inquiry: – Academic Process and Non-Academic Process

Academic Process

A student questions their grade or the assessment of their performance on a piece of work or in a course, or their academic standing or status in a program, and alleges error or injustice on grounds other than the academic assessment of their work, such as:

  • the method of evaluation was not fair and reasonable in the circumstances; or
  • the instructor was biased against the student; or
  • the instructor deviated substantially from the course outline in contravention of applicable University policies; or
  • the application of University regulations governing program or degree requirements was not fair, just, or reasonable.


A student questions as unfair, unjust or unreasonable, a decision or action of a University authority or official, which has negative material consequences for their University life, and which is unrelated to courses, or to program or degree requirements.


The matter will be investigated as per the Student Appeal Procedures and the Associate/Assistant Dean shall make a decision and respond in writing with reasons. This response is normally provided within three weeks of receiving the formal inquiry.

Information Box Group


The Form B must be submitted to the appropriate Office.  PLEASE SEE THE LIST OF OFFICES BELOW.

  • Graduate Students submit to the School of Graduate Studies.
  • Continuing Education submit to MCE.
  • Undergraduate Students submit to the Faculty/Program that is responsible for the decision being questioned.
  • For students in degree programs not offered by a Faculty (e.g. the Arts and Science Program), the Program Director is equivalent to the Associate Dean of a Faculty.