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Chancellor Ms. Santee Smith
President & Vice-Chancellor (Chair) Dr. David Farrar
Provost and Vice President, Academic (Vice-Chair) Dr. Susan Tighe
Vice-President (Operations and Finance) Ms. Saher Fazilat
Dean and Vice-President (Health Sciences) Dr. Paul O’Byrne
Vice-President (Research) Dr. Karen Mossman
Vice-President (University Advancement) Ms. Mary Williams
Dean, Faculty of Business Dr. Khaled Hassanein
Dean, Faculty of Engineering Dr. Heather Sheardown (Acting)
Dean, Faculty of Humanities Dr. Pamela Swett
Dean, Faculty of Science Dr. Maureen MacDonald
Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences Dr. Jeremiah Hurley
Vice-Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies Dr. Doug Welch
Principal, Divinity College Dr. Stanley Porter
Undergraduate Council Chair Dr. Kim Dej (Acting)
Director, McMaster University Continuing Education (MCE) Dr. Lorraine Carter
Faculty of Business Faculty of Engineering
Dr. Sue McCracken (2024) Dr. Todd Hoare (2023)
Dr. Sherman Cheung (2022) Dr. Kim Jones (2022)
Dr. Anna Danielova (2023) Dr. Wael El-Dakhakhni (2024)

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Social Sciences
Dr. Rick Monture (2024) Dr. Gregory Hooks (2024)
Dr. Martin Horn (2022) Dr. Chris Sinding (2024)
Dr. Stephanie Springgay (2024) Dr. Judy Fudge (2022)
Dr. Chandrima Chakraborty (2022) Dr. Ameil Joseph (2022)
Dr. Melinda Gough (2023) Dr. Peter Graefe (2023)
Dr. Nikolai Penner (2023) Dr. James Gillett (2023)

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Health Sciences
Dr. Paul Faure (2024) Dr. Michael McGillion (2024)
Dr. Karen Kidd (2024) Dr. Mark Walton (2024)
Dr. Patrick Bennett (2022) Dr. Dina Brooks (2022)
Dr. Laura Parker (2022) Dr. Susan Reid (2022)
Dr. Maikel Rheinstadter (2023) Dr. Matthew Miller (2023)
Dr. Lia Bronsard (2023) Dr. Jeff Weitz (2023)

McMaster Divinity College
Dr. Phil Zylla
Ms. Beth Manganelli Staite (2022)
Ms Bernadette Corpuz (2024)
Mr. Keegan Johnson (2024)
Mr. Jim McCaughey (2023)
Dr. Juliet Daniel (2022)
Ms Susan Galloway (2024)
Ms Sarrah Lal (2024)

Mr. Tyler Woo Faculty of Business (2023)
Mr. Dalue Tang Faculty of Engineering (2022)
Ms Zoe Tsai Faculty of Health Sciences (2023)
Ms. Shaden Ahmed Faculty of Humanities (2023)
Ms. Haleigh Wallace Faculty of Science (2022)
Mr. Findley McSevney Faculty of Social Sciences (2023)
Ms. Alya Abdelhalim Faculty of Business (2022)
Mr. Moustafa Naiem Abdel-Mooty Faculty of Engineering (2023)
Ms. Amanda Bakke Faculty of Health Sciences (2023)
Ms. Nicole Areias Faculty of Humanities (2022)
Mr. Hasan Siddiqui Faculty of Science (2023)
Vacant Faculty of Social Sciences
Ms. Andrea Thyret-Kidd


Academic Co-Chair, Indigenous Education Council Dr. Randall Jackson
Assistant Vice-President, Communications & Public Affairs Ms Andrea Farquhar
Associate Dean of Business (Academic) Dr. Sue McCracken (member of Senate)
Associate Dean of Engineering (Academic) Dr. Steve Hranilovic
Associate Dean of Humanities (Academic) Dr. Sean Corner
Associate Dean of Science (Academic) Dr. Michael Farquharson
Associate Dean of Social Sciences (Academic) Dr. Tracy Prowse
Associate Vice-President (Equity and Inclusion) Dr. Arig al Shaibah
Associate Vice-President (Research) Dr. Andy Knights
Associate Vice-President (Students and Learning) and Dean of Students Mr. Sean Van Koughnett
Associate Vice-President, Finance and Planning (Academic) Mr. Sean Van Koughnett (Acting)
Director of the Arts and Science Program Dr. Jean Wilson
Executive Vice-Dean and Associate Vice-President (Academic), Faculty of Health Sciences Dr. Susan Denburg
Manager of Faculty Appointments and Records, Provost Office Ms Barbara Eftekhari
Ombudsperson Ms Carolyn Brendon
One student registered in the Arts and Science Program Ms Maya Verma
President or Designate, Graduate Students Association Ms Caroline Seiler
President or Designate, McMaster Association of Part-Time Students Ms Karen Richmond
President or Designate, McMaster Students Union Mr. Denver Della-Vedova
President or Designate, McMaster University Faculty Association Dr. Nicholas Kevlahan
Senior Advisor to the President Ms Esme Davies
University Librarian Ms Vivian Lewis
University Registrar Ms Melissa Pool
Vice-Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, Executive Director, School of Nursing Dr. Sandra Carroll
Vice-Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, Executive Director, School of Rehabilitation Science Dr. Dina Brooks (member of Senate)
Vice Dean, Education, Faculty of Health Sciences Dr. Rob Whyte
Vice-Provost (International Affairs) Dr. Peter Mascher