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Undergraduate Council


Undergraduate Council consists of the following members for July 1, 2020, to June 30, 2021:

Chair Name
Acting Vice-Provost (Faculty) Dr. Kim Dej
Ex Officio Name
Chancellor Ms. Santee Smith
President & Vice-Chancellor Dr. David Farrar
Provost and Vice-President (Academic) Dr. Susan Tighe
Associate Dean (Academic), Business Dr. Sue McCracken
Associate Dean (Academic), Engineering Dr. Steve Hranilovic
Vice Dean (Health Professional Education), Health Sciences Dr. Alan Neville
Associate Dean, Humanities Dr. Sean Corner
Associate Dean (Academic), Science Dr. Michael Farquharson
Associate Dean (Academic), Social Sciences Dr. Tracy Prowse
Director, Arts and Science Program Dr. Jean Wilson
Director, McMaster Centre for Continuing Education Dr. Lorraine Carter
University Registrar Ms Melissa Pool
Associate Vice-President (Students and Learning) and Dean of Students Mr. Sean Van Koughnett
University Librarian Ms Vivian Lewis
Elected Faculty Name
Business (2023) Dr. Peter Miu
Engineering (2022) Dr. Cameron Churchill
Health Sciences (2023) Dr. Stacey Ritz
Humanities (2021) Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson
Science (2022) Dr. Rosa da Silva
Social Sciences (2021) Dr. Karen McGarry
Undergraduate Students – appointed for the 2020-2021 academic year Name
Arts and Science Program (2021) Mr. Faris Mecklai
Faculty of Business (2021) Ms Alexandra Cristiano
Faculty of Engineering (2021) Ms Alisa Neanng
Faculty of Health Sciences (2021) TBA
Faculty of Humanities (2021) Ms Robyn Kaur Sidhu
Faculty of Science (2021) Mr. Jake McNairn
Faculty of Social Sciences (2021) Ms. Cole Badiani

Terms of Reference

Article XI of the Senate By-laws states:

157.  There shall be an Undergraduate Council consisting of the Chancellor, the President, the Provost, the Vice-Provost (Faculty), the Associate Deans (Academic) of the Faculties of Business, Engineering, Humanities, Science and Social Sciences (or their respective delegates); the Associate Dean of Health Sciences (Undergraduate Education), the Director of the Arts and Science Program, the Director of the Centre for Continuing Education, the University Registrar, and the Associate Vice-President (Students and Learning) and Dean of Students, and the University Librarian, all ex officio; six faculty members elected from the Professors, Associate Professors, and Assistant Professors, comprising one member from each Faculty offering undergraduate work; and seven undergraduate students, one from each of the six Faculties offering undergraduate work, and one from the Arts and Science Program, to be appointed by the Senate on the recommendation of the Dean / Director. Twelve members of the Council, excepting the Chancellor, the President and the Provost, shall constitute a quorum.

158.  The Chair of the Undergraduate Council shall be the Vice-Provost (Faculty).

159.  The Vice-Chair of the Undergraduate Council shall be elected annually by and from the members of the Undergraduate Council.

160.  The Secretary of the Undergraduate Council shall be the Secretary of the Senate.

161.  The faculty member elected from each Faculty offering undergraduate work shall be elected in accordance with the requirements of Section 15. These elections shall be conducted by the Secretary of the Senate.

162.  The term of office of faculty members on the Undergraduate Council shall commence on the first day of July following their election, and shall be for three years, renewable once, subject to the proviso that faculty members who are to be absent from the University for a year or more shall resign their seats before leaving and be replaced at an ensuing election.

163.  The term of office for an undergraduate student member shall commence on the first day of July following the appointment of such member, and shall be for one year, renewable.

164.  The powers and duties of the Undergraduate Council are:

(a)  to make rules and regulations for governing its proceedings;

(b)  to initiate and regulate matters concerning undergraduate work of concern to the University as a whole, in accordance with such directives and priorities as have been established by the Senate;

(c)  to act upon recommendations concerning undergraduate work from the several Faculties or from the Arts and Science Program;

(d)  to transact such business as is placed on its agenda by one or more of the Chair, the Secretary of the Undergraduate Council, an Associate Dean or Dean of a Faculty offering undergraduate work or the Director of the Arts and Science Program;

(e)  to report and to make recommendations to the Senate upon such matters as may be judged necessary by the Undergraduate Council or as required by the Senate;

(f)  to stipulate the conditions of award of all fellowships, scholarships, medals, prizes and other awards established for undergraduate students, and to make such awards;

(g) to give direction to the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships on policies and procedures respecting the acceptance of all fellowships, scholarships, medals, prizes and other awards for undergraduate students, and the administration thereof;

(h)  to meet at least once each academic term; and

(i) to make publicly available the agenda and the minutes of its meetings.

The Undergraduate Council shall also have the power to establish committees as set forth in Schedule E. Revisions to Schedule E shall be approved by Undergraduate Council and forwarded to Senate for information.

Notwithstanding any of the above, the following matters must be referred to the Senate for decision:

  • establishment of new programs;
  • closure of existing programs;
  • substantial revisions of admission standards;
  • substantial changes in degree, diploma and certificate requirements, and/or academic regulations.

Revised: April 2017