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Academic Integrity Policy


McMaster’s Academic Integrity Policy is a comprehensive document outlining the rules and processes of academic dishonesty. It covers various essential aspects, including notification of decisions, student status, right of appeal, record-keeping of offences, transcript notations, and penalty guidelines. The Policy defines academic dishonesty and provides examples of offences such as plagiarism and improper collaboration. It also establishes procedures for bringing charges, determining guilt, and imposing penalties. The Policy emphasizes the significance of academic integrity and aims to foster a culture of honesty within the university community. It outlines the roles and responsibilities of various individuals and entities, including the Office of Academic Integrity, instructors, students, and Faculty Adjudicators. Furthermore, the Policy provides guidelines for Faculty Adjudicators, procedural rules for hearings, and general penalty guidelines based on the severity and recurrence of the offence. Overall, the Policy’s objective is to ensure fairness, hold individuals accountable for their actions, and uphold academic integrity at the University.

Refer to the full policy below for full details.

Approved by: Senate
Date of Most Recent Approval: October 18, 2023, eff. January 1, 2024
Responsible Executive: Office of Academic Integrity
Policy-Specific Enquiries: Office of Academic Integrity 

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Academic Integrity Policy (MS Word Version) MS Word Version

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